A man throwing a bowling ball


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Enjoy an exciting game of bowling at Cinergy! Challenge your friends in our state-of-the-art bowling alley featuring luxury lanes, an energizing atmosphere and tables equipped with Order Commander tablets that make ordering easy and convenient! Strikes, splits, and spares! Enjoying a game of bowling is a timeless experience that remains fun for all ages. What better way to hang out and spend time with friends, family, or coworkers than to relax in comfortable seating, enjoy some snacks, and bowl a few frames?

Couple playing an Escape Room an Cinergy Amarillo


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The clock is ticking. The pressure is on — can you make it out in time? Escape rooms are all the rage all around the world. With a heritage that stretches back to innovative computer games, the experience of solving puzzles during a race against the clock is now a pulse-pounding adventure you can experience in person. At Cinergy, you’ll find a wealth of escape room scenarios to tease your brain, challenge your problem-solving skills, and excite your senses all while you try to make your way out of the locked space in time.



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Skywalker at Cinergy


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On a Cinergy skywalker zipline course, you inch your way across swaying bridges and narrow beams and platforms. From pole-to-pole and beam-to-beam will be fields of nets and ropes to scale. The highest point of the course is 25 feet above the game floor. All players must first attend a briefing session. Although older children can participate in a skywalk, restrictions apply.

Women on XD dark ride - amarillo


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Experience a rich, multi-sensory interactive attraction with cutting edge technology and special effects. Group play, real-time 3D graphics and an individual scoring system create a unique, fun and competitive dynamic. Prices varies from $6 - $8

Man and women playing laser tag


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laser tag is up near the top of the list of all-time favorites, right alongside ageless fixtures such as skeeball and air hockey. Strapping on your “armor,” charging up your laser, and stepping out into an unknown arena… it’s enough to get anyone’s adrenaline flowing in mere moments!

Girl playing on game floor at Cinergy Amarillo


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Test your skills in our fully-loaded arcade! Our game floor features everything from the classics to the latest in cutting-edge action games. It couldn’t be any easier to have fun! The flashing lights, the eye-popping graphics, and sound effects galore — walking into an arcade is just like stepping into a paradise for video gamers


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