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Arcade at Cinergy Midland

Test your skills in our fully-loaded arcade at Cinergy! Our game floor features everything from the classics to the latest in cutting-edge action games. It couldn’t be any easier to have fun!

The Cinergy Fun Card: Your Gateway to Arcade Action

An all-in-one card small enough to fit in a wallet, you can easily load value onto Fun Cards at kiosks located throughout the game room — and you can use your funds not only to play games, but to purchase concessions, see movies, sign up for laser tag, and more! In other words, a Cinergy Fun Card is your one-way ticket to a good time.

How does it work in the game room? Simply use your card at the game or machine of your choice, and the appropriate value will automatically deduct from your card. It’s that easy! Enjoy as many games as you like today and come back again to use your same Fun Card to pick up right where you left off last time. For kids and adults alike, it’s a fast and fun way to get right into the gaming action. Fun Card usage terms and conditions apply.

Rack Up Points and Visit the Winner’s Reward Store

When you’re done hunting zombies and adventuring inside a digital world, why not turn your attention to testing your skills at classic redemption games? From competing in skeeball to exploring the latest in prize-generating games, everyone can enjoy the thrill of trying to win the jackpot. Of course, winning the jackpot is fun, but doing something with your winnings is even better. That’s where a trip to the Winner’s Reward corner fits into your time at Cinergy.

With a vast array of prizes ranging from the small to the very large, you can redeem your rewards from the Game Room for plushes, toys, and much more. See something you like in the Winner’s Reward store but don’t have quite enough points for redemption yet? Don’t worry. Cinergy Fun Cards never expire or lose their value, so you’re welcome to come back any time, rack up more points, and build towards that fantastic prize that caught your eye.